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Speechissimo for Mac

Regain control of your sounds. SawCutter is a software synthesizer that enables you to hand draw waveforms and envelopes. The timbre of each sound can be tweaked from mellow acoustic to harsh synthetic. Many new effects and an expanded sequencer for creating entire songs. Up to four instruments can be used at one time. Each instrument may use one of eight waveforms and eight sets of envelopes. Wave files can be imported into SawCutter and run through the same effects and envelopes. Complete MIDI control. More...
Speech recognition, voice command & control, Transcription for your Mac. Use your voice, not your fingers!

Dictation, Transcription, Editing, Formatting and Speech Navigation within any application. iListen frees you from the keyboard and mouse. You are able to dictate text, edit and format it with just the power of your voice. More...
Speechissimo for Mac
Speechissimo is a clipboard reader with an exceptionally natural voice. It can read any text out loud and is very simple to use.

Speechissimo literally converts any written text into speech using an extremely high quality text to speech technology, capable of transforming any type of information in real-time as flexibly as the human voice would do.

Speechissimo can speak several languages, it's up to you to choose the one(s) you want ! Speechissimo can now speak English, French, German and Spanish and is learning new ones all the time to satisfy its desire to read everything about anything.

Speechissimo is installed in a wink, in your chosen language. Just one click and it will sit in the corner of your screen, waiting to assist you whenever you need it. Select the piece of text you're interested in, copy it and press play, or drag and drop onto Speechissimo, and you can sit back and listen ! More...
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